Theragen Lifesciences owns Newly Fabricated Capacious Facility, spread around 20,000 Square Feet with two Formulation Labs, three Analytical Labs, designated Stability area, Warehouse, and Documentation area. The Formulation Labs are capable to design their process from Prototype to Pilot scale in a clean room for the Oral Solids and Liquid Dosage Forms.

Analytical Research Labs are equipped with sophisticated analytical instruments like HPLC, Dissolution apparatus, to accelerate the Analytical Method Development and Validations of Oral Solid/Liquid Dosage Forms in fast track. Further, the whole facility is implanted with safety features like smoke sensors, fire alarms, and public-address systems.

Theragen Lifesciences

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Theragen Lifesciences PVT LTD

"Theragen Lifesciences is an emerging pharmaceutical organization incorporated in May 2017 by a team of Medical Professionals with a vision to establish a Leading and Differentiated Pharmaceutical Research and Development Company in the Healthcare Industry.

Theragen Lifesciences is ready to serve highly Regulated Markets such as USA, Europe, Canada, Brazil and Australia with their strong technical focus and Competitive Intelligence.

Our Synergetic Business Model engages our Partners to access the Markets, licensing in and out the portfolio, Contract Research and Development, Novel Platform Technologies, and Technology Transfer.

Setting stringent Regulations and High Standards towards the Highly Safe and Efficient Drug Product by International Regulatory bodies are in frequent trend. Theragen Life Sciences (TLS), senses those changes from time to time and accommodate them pro-actively on its way to deliver High Standard Drug Product.

Theragen Life Sciences (TLS) is a Research Alliance Organization thriving as an ineluctable business partner in the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry.